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green power blend

(vegetables verdes)

270 g (9.5 oz.)



there were good reasons to view the flood of negative reviews as suspicious. only 20% of the reviews had a verified purchase and the ratio of 5-star to 1-star reviews – 44%-51% – was highly irregular; the vast majority of products reviewed on amazon.com display an asymmetric bimodal (j-shaped) ratings distribution (see hu, pavlou and zhang, 2009), in which there is a concentration of 4 or 5 star reviews, a number of 1-star reviews and very few 2 or 3 star reviews. the charts in figure 2 below, originally featured in this qz article, show the extent to which 'what happened' was initially a ratings and purchase pattern outlier. but what about the subsequent burst of 600+ positive reviews? one might expect the clinton pr machine to mobilize its own 'positive review brigade' in anticipation of , or in response to, a negative 'astroturfing' campaign against her book. one could even argue that it would be foolish not to manage perceptions of such a controversial and polarising book launch. if positive review spam is identified, should it also be deleted?

green power blend proporciona energía instantánea, reduce el apetito, ayuda a los problemas digestivos (o de estreñimiento), anemia, colitis, mejora la piel seca, fortalecer el corazón, y estabiliza el metabolismo. green power blend es un alimento de proteínas que son fácilmente de digerir. no contiene azúcar, preservativos ni aditivos artificiales. esta compuesto de: spirulina, clórela, lecitina, fibra de manzana, coenzima q10, barley juice extract, kelp, alfalfa, lactobacilus acidophilus, y bífidus probiotic.

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