L Carnitine


60 Capsules




L-Carnitine has as a function transporting fatty acids towards the mitochondria, and stimulates and normalizes the same combustion. According to agency demands, they transform into energy, avoiding the accumulation of grease in the body. Therefore, it helps mobilize deposits of grease as energy sources at the same time. To facilitate this, it helps delay the use of glycogen, by reserving energy. Investigators have verified that with more L-Carnitine the body will burn more grease. It can improve insufficient cardiac congestive, Alzheimer, type two Diabetes, Cholesterol and triglycerides. L-Carnitine can help prevent heart growth. It helps sportsmen obtain better performance, recovers energy to be able to tolerate cold weather conditions and exhaustion, helps lose weight and prevent atherosclerosis.

Ingredients: L-Carnitine (1000 mg).

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