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Thyro-Kelp is a combination of gland extracts of excellent quality formulated to aid the Thyroid Gland, such as hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, thyroid cancer, and / or Hashimoto’s disease. Kelp is a marine alga that contains a large quantity of Vitamin B, Iodine and other necessary elements for the body.

Studies suggest that the consumption of Kelp can be benecial for the mind, spinal cord, and sensory nerves. It is utilized in the processing of Thyroid Gland Disorders, thanks to its great concentration of iodine, medicine traditionally used in China. Kelp has been utilized to treat tumors. Scientic tests has shown that it contains special components that promote activity that restricts the growth of tumors. It helps to prevent obesity problems and protects against radiation effects.

Ingredients: Kelp (350 mg), Hypothalamus Extract, Thymus Extract, and Pituitary Gland Extract.

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