Vitamin E

1000 IU

50 SoftGels




This vitamin is known as the heart savior, the fame that it has earned itself is due to this virtue alone. Numerous medical studies and scientific investigations have had this as the protagonist to the vitamin, and what’s more amazing is that each day they discover more and more benefits that contribute to human health.

It can slow the development of arteriosclerosis and is an antioxidant by excellence. It is important in the prevention of cancer and of cardiovascular problems. It helps Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and Carotene perform their functions. It can reduce damage related to the immune and nervous system.

It can prevent diabetes and help cure various skin disorders and helps in the repair and maintenance of the tissues. It also helps the prevention of cataracts, improves performance in athletes, and alleviates legs cramps.

Ingredients: Vitamin E (1000 IU).

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