Coral Calcium Plus

100% Natural

90 Capsules




With age, our bodies produce acid, and that favors the acceleration of illnesses as well as cellular degeneration. This is why calcium is essential for strong bones.

Coral Calcium Plus reduces and helps prevent: heart disease, osteoporosis, arthritis, fibromialgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. Helps in the formation of strong bones/teeth and muscular function. It balances blood pH, prevents hair loss, and strengthens nails and combats over 200 illnesses or more.

Coral Calcium Plus contains 74 minerals, naturally ionized, moves directly to the intestines, immediately absorbed, minerals are basic for good health, essential for proper amino acid and enzyme function, alkalinizes minerals to counteract illnesses arising from the acidification when we age.

Ingredients: Coral Calcium (1,600 mg), Vitamin A, Beta Carotene (1,945 IU), Vitamin C (544 IU), Vitamin D (400 IU), Vitamin E (23 IU), Magnesium (270 mg), Zinc (11 mg), Selenium (57 mg), Chromium (57 mg), Iodine (60 mg), and Boron (43 mg).

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