MAX-EPA With Omega 3

( Blue fish oil Concentrate )

90 SoftGels




Fish Oil contains two fatty acids of Omega 3 called eicosapentanoico (EPA) and docosahexanoico (DHA), which cannot be synthesized by our body, but is part of the cell membranes and takes part in vital functions. These acids become prostaglandins that are similar to hormones. They are essential for the function of the brain that affects the vision, coordination, the mood and of learning capacity.

MAX-EPA prevents cardiovascular illnesses. It has anti-cancerous properties, regulates the blood pressure, increases elasticity of the arteries, accelerates premature children’s mental development and reduces asthma.

Ingredients: Marine Lipin Concentrate Omega 3 (700mg) EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid) 180 mg, y DHA (Docosahexanoico Acid) 180mg.

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